Virtual Dog Training

miscommunication can strain even the strongest relationship.

Dogology Is Here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you and your best friend.

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Six Basic Lessons

Training Foundations


These are the six foundations of dog training: Sit, stay, come, down, loose leash walking, and leave-it. We're more than happy to send a link with each of the lessons.


Positive. Force-Free. Science-Based.

Why Virtual
Training Works


Become A Dogologist

We're Hiring

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Interested in becoming a Dogologist? We're always looking for great dog trainers who can work with our clients.


Smart Dog Box

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About Dogology & Our Dogologists



A virtual dog training company, Dogology was founded in 2017 in New York City. We do positive, force-free, science-based training with owners all around the world.


Adoptology is our non-profit that supports
the lifelong success of dogs before, during and afteR

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