“Our dogs are our best friends, providing us with unconditional love through good days and bad. A great dog trainer will help you return and strengthen that love by giving you the tools you need to understand and communicate with your dog.”  — Sarah Morse, CEO & Chief Dogologist

About Dogology

Our CEO and founder of Dogology is Sarah C. Morse. She has more than a decade of experience in animal behavior and dog training in diverse environments from rescues to veterinary clinics to homes. She totally understands that every dog is unique and needs to be approached as an individual. 

Sarah's first love was a pit bull - a very special but misunderstood dog and breed. His name was Eli and despite the challenges he faced with anxiety and aggression, Sarah loved everything about him ❤️. Training and loving dogs like Eli is her passion. When she says that she understands what it is to work and bond with a hard to care for dog, she really does. 

Sarah founded Dogology™ to help a larger platform of people better understand our four legged best friends. We want to make it as simple as possible for EVERY dog owner to have access to the top dog trainers in the country. No matter where you live, we want to help you and your dog have the best life together possible. 

Dogology™ evolved from the intersection of science-based dog behavior and technology. Based in New York City, our professional dog trainers are at the cutting edge of both. We train dogs virtually. All kinds of dogs. From puppies to dogs who have lived long and happy lives. Our Dogologists use positive, science-based methods to help you and your dog create a stronger bond.