Teaching Come



As the first of our two lifesaving behaviors, come is essential to begin practicing immediately with your dog or puppy.


  1. Starting in a very low distraction environment such as inside of your house, stand a few feet from your dog and call them in a very happy excited voice “(name), Come!)
  2. When they come running to you, use a clicker or marker word such as “Yes!” to mark the behavior and give them an extremely high value reward.
  3. When they have mastered coming to you throughout the house, begin to practice in low distraction areas outdoors such as in a fenced in yard or on a 30-50ft lead. Build up to having more distractions around until you feel comfortable with your dog off leash. 

Tips from the Dogologist

Work at your dog’s level. Come is not an easy command to master, especially with the possibility of running free being such a high value reward for some dogs. Be patient and start in low distraction environments.

Use high value treats that your dog associates only with this command such as cheese or liver paste.

Virtual Dog Training

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