Daisy & Ali Training Plan


Welcome to your training plan! I am excited to work closely with the two of you over the next few months to shape Thor into the compatible boy you need him to be. To the right is a customized 12 part training plan, that I have written up and divided into sections for Thor. Click on Introduction and Welcome to begin exploring your training plan. Lesson 1: Learning How Thor Learns  will bring you to the informational section of the training - reiterating the information we covered on the phone and Lesson 2: Taking Action will lead you into what actions to begin taking with Thor. If you get through all of that, Lesson 3 will give you an understanding the steps we will be taking next.

The rest of the lessons will be unlocked in the upcoming weeks as we see Thor progress. To the right of each lesson is a feedback link for you to leave me notes on how Thor is doing. Feel free to give feedback on the lessons or even attach a picture or video. The more information I have, the more I can help you and Thor succeed!

April 12- April 26 2018  

Introduction and Welcome
Lesson 1: Understanding How Thor Learns | Lesson Feedback
Lesson 2: Taking Action | Lesson Feedback
Lesson 3: What's Next | Lesson Feedback

April 26 - May 3 2018    

Follow Up Call on Video Chat on April 26
Thor's Neuter Appointment on April 28
Lesson 4: Management Part 2 🔒
Lesson 5: Taking Action Part 2🔒