Here are the questions we get a lot at Dogology. If you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch by clicking on the red chat icon!

1. How do I join your video chat for my session?

Just click here at the time of your Virtual Training session. You can use your smartphone or laptop. It's really pretty easy.

2. Why is Dogology different?

Our CEO is first an animal behavioralist. Our approach to training dogs is based in sound, scientific research in animal and dog behavior. It is positive, force-free, and based, and effective.

3. What is virtual dog training?

It's the same as in-person training, except we use video chat.

4. in-person training?

No, we don't. It's not as effective as virtual training.

5. What's the company's culture and values?

Our culture is authentic, honest, irreverent, gritty, and fun. We get to hang out with people who loves dogs. How can that not be awesome, right?

We believe in the joy of dogs. We believe in giving back. We believe in force-free, positive training. We believe that we train owners, not dogs - owners train their dogs and we help. We believe that dog behavior is a combination of nature and nurture and that the dog's genes inform some of those behaviors. We believe that technology enables us to do our work more effectively, and that it should never get in the way of the training experience.