Our approach to each our our training sessions  is positive, force-free, and science-based and is based on on two principles.

  1.  Building a strong foundation relationship between you and your dog using cue, marker, and release words to communicate and encourage your dog to defer to you in all situations. 
  2. Understanding the WHY behind every single one of your dog’s behaviors and using that as motivation to create ANY behavior you want to see.

With these two approaches, we can help you understand your dog's behaviors and work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals. All from the comfort of your home over video chat using your smartphone and ours.

How It Works

Here's how the virtual dog training process works.

  1. Select the type of appointment you want to do with us. Anything from a 10-minute call with a Dogologist to a full training package.
  2. Select a time & day that works from you and then answer a few questions about you and your dog.
  3. Talk with a Dogologist about you and your dog at the scheduled time via phone or video chat.
  4. Follow the advice you get during the call and then the training plan we send you (if you selected it as an add-on to your session).
  5. Schedule a free follow-up in a few weeks to check-in and see how things are going. We'll send you a reminder when it's time!