Teaching Sit



Sit is the first behavior many owners choose to teach their dogs. It provides a strong foundation for other behaviors as well as impulse control from unwanted behaviors such as jumping.


  1. Lure your dog’s nose upward with a treat or fun toy. Make sure the keep the reward close enough to your dog that they do not jump up but protected by your hand so that they do not grab it. 
  2. As your dog’s head goes up their hind will naturally lower to the ground.
  3. When their hind touches the ground putting them in a sit position, use a clicker or marker word such as “Yes!” to mark the behavior and give them their reward.

Tips from the Dogologist

Practice sit throughout the day in situations where you want to instill impulse control and an association with “saying please.” This includes before being fed meals, before going in and outdoors, and before walks.

It shouldn’t take long for your dog to master sit. When you see the behavior being offered up in hopes of being rewarded, you can eliminate the lure and add in the hand and spoken command

Virtual Dog Training

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