Teaching Stay



Stay is a behavior that will come into play many times a day throughout your dog’s life. This behavior will come into use when you open the door of your house to prevent bolting and even at the vet for your dog to be examined.


  1. Have your dog sit or lay down in front of you and say “Stay.”
  2. Take one step away from your dog. If your dog stays in place mark the behavior with a click or marker word such as “yes.”
  3. If your dog moves, begin again, taking a smaller step away or just lean away. 
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 gradually increasing your movement away from your dog.

Tips from the Dogologist

Work at your dog’s level. Come is not an easy command to master, especially with the possibility of running free being such a high value reward for some dogs. Be patient and start in low distraction environments.

Use high value treats that your dog associates only with this command such as cheese or liver paste.

Virtual Dog Training

FFor help with this lesson, which can be difficult to get through, schedule Virtual Training. We'd love to help.