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Virtual Training

Virtual Training is a new thing. Like visiting with a therapist on the phone but for you and your dog. From a 10-minute phone consultation to a full training package, we have several programs available to help you develop new, positive behaviors in your puppy or dog or correct old, frustrating ones

Our approach to dog training is positive, force-free, and science-based. Our approach is based on on two principles.

  1.  Building a strong foundation relationship between you and your dog using cue, marker, and release words to communicate and encourage your dog to defer to you in all situations. 
  2. Understanding the WHY behind every single one of your dog’s behaviors and using that as motivation to create ANY behavior you want to see.

With these two approaches, we can help you understand your dog's behaviors and work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals. All from the comfort of your home over video chat using your smartphone and ours. Using video chat, sharing pictures and videos, talking about you and your dog - we'll coach you on how to work with your dog and can develop an optional, written training plan following a session. After the virtual training session, we'll be there with you every step of the way as you work with your pooch.

What We Train

Here's a partial list of dog behaviors and challenges where we've helped owners change their own and their dog's behaviors (with guaranteed results).

  • Teach your dog new behaviors positive training techniques that really work:
    • Walk on a leash
    • Sit, stay, come and other foundation commands
  • Correct frustrating or destructive behaviors:
    • Reactivity (strangers, noises)
    • Separation anxiety
    • Resource guarding
    • Destructive chewing
    • Barking, wowling or whining
    • Biting, mouthing or nipping
    • Running away
    • Dog aggression
    • Human aggression
  • Get advice on what you should look for in a dog you're adopting along with knowing the best way to acclimate your new friend to your home
  • Train your dog to be an emotional support dog or learn agility training